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Copy Check

A proofread is similar to a copy edit. This should be the final step before going to print (or in today’s era, going online). A light to medium proofread consists of a global review to identify minor text and formatting errors and confirm material is ready for publication. Proofreads include standard copy editing (checking copy for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, verb tenses, typos, and grammatical errors). Your proofreader will look for word repetition and minor issues throughout the manuscript, eliminate unnecessary verbiage, and tighten sentence structure.  Proofreaders may also check for accuracy of page numbering, table of contents, mechanical errors, line spacing, and page alignment. Style issues and inconsistencies are addressed, but should not delve into the overall structural changes. A heavy proofread may involve working on a manuscript authored by a non-native, non-fluent English writer. In that circumstance, proofreading will involve working with cumbersome sentences, disorganized paragraphs, or undesirable word choice, and the task can transform into a line edit.

If you think you might need a proofread, contact us.

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