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Substantive Editing: THe big picture

Substantive editing is also known as developmental editing or content editing. This type of editing usually refers to manuscripts (book edits). This is not a line edit or a proofread. The substantive editor considers concept and intended use, content, organization, design, and style. The focus of substantive editing is organization of content. For example, a substantive editor reviews an entire manuscript with a big picture vision. The editor reviews chapter and paragraph organization and transitions for flow and structure. The editor suggests big picture improvements for overall organization. The end goal from a substantive edit is to maintain one voice and ensure content, language, and style flow smoothly to the reader. If you need a big picture analysis on logical flow, content accuracy (fact checks), and/or coherency, you may need a substantive edit. Your substantive editor will provide you with an assessment of your manuscript. The assessment will include questions about consistency, facts to back up a claim, why something may be important, redundant and/or contradicting statements, etc.

If you are in need of a substantive/developmental edit, visit our associate Evident Ink.

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